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Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

I plan to construct it ‘O’ gauge and build an engine to run very slowly so it completes a circuit about every hour. The plant pots would run on the wagons. Then all the plants would get an even amount of light during the day. Even with the best site for my greenhouse about half of it is in deep shade the rest in bright sun.

Greenhouses tend to be very humid, and model railroad equipment has a lot of very small electrical and electronic components. If you do this with standard O gauge equipment, you should be prepared to frequently replace equipment that has failed due to corrosion.You would probably do better with model railroad equipment that is designed for outdoor use. This is typically larger than O scale, but this would also be an advantage for you if you intend to have this train pull cars loaded with potted plants.

I dont know much about greenhouses and gardening, but my guess it thats probably not a good idea. The plants grow because of natural sunlight and nutrients and having something that runs on a different kind of energy would probably mix in with the natural process and screw something up. ask a gardening shop or something

I’d be worried about rust – or are most of the carriages plastic these days?

Dam your that rich… go for it

I think it would be tons of fun! Go for it!

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