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Saturday, June 1st, 2013

Well I’m a little bored and so I wanted to build a model of my house with lighting and stuff like that inside. I want to build a house, a space shuttle, or something like that. Please provide instructions on how to make one and what I will need.

First draw a plan to the scale you want to use.Decide on the detail you want to show.Model railroaders often build structures for their layouts. While some use kits, others scratchbuild them. I do that.I use stripwood and show the framiing inside some of my buildings. This andsidingg material can be found in hobby stores. I use wood as a rule, but styrene plastic is also popular. It is already cut to N (1:160) HO (1:87) or O (1:48) scales. strips from 1′ x 2″.to 12″ x 12″ are available, as well as sheets for sides and roof.Plastic windows, doors drainpipes, eavestrough and other details are also produced from the model train markets. Walthers is a big distributor, located in Milwaukee, WI. and you can order online from the company. A quick internet search will get you the website.For help in selecting tools and materials, books and even helping with advice on techniques I’m sure a model railroad club in your area would provide lots of help and ideas. For a list of contacts try the website of he National Model Railroad Association.Hope this helps you get started.

First you should draw whatever you’re making out so that you don’t make mistakes and waster your materials.

for the structure: cardboard or foamcore or some sort of thin wood

for cutting pieces: an exacto knife or utility knife

for cutting: board that you can mark up

for assembly: strong glue or a hot glue gun

for lighting you could find very small lightbulbs from a hardware store, and wires there as well.

good luck!

I suppose if you go to a model store like i do from time to time you could find materials that fit the bill. Some better than others so ask a clerk or some one with expereince at the store what is best.

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