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Sunday, November 18th, 2012

OGDEN – A couple passing through Utah on their way to a model train show in Denver is now stuck in Ogden after getting their trailer stolen overnight.

Norman Keller and his wife Blanche say about $80,000 worth of model trains and train parts were inside their trailer when it was stolen from the parking lot of a Motel 6 Thursday night.

model trains

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“We parked it in not the best position,” said Norman. “There was a rear gate, and somebody came along and took it away from us.”

Keller said he and his wife supplement their Social Security checks with business surrounding model trains. They are semi-retired and depend on a little extra money by doing model train repairs.

“It’s not worth anything unless someone understands what it is and what it’s meant for,” said Norman.

However, Keller said the money is hardly why they pursue model trains.

“It’s never made us a lot of money. It never has,” said Blanche. “And we’ve never needed a lot of money. It was the people that always made us

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