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Sunday, April 28th, 2013

Trains have been running under trees for most of a century now. It’s time to dig them out and do a little service work. Clean the tracks with a green scrubby and oil the motor and gears. Check the wires from the transformer to the track, if it’s missing any insulation replace it. Model Railroading the hobby that lasts a life time.

We’ll have three trains this year. Two that mount up inside the tree and one on the floor.Of the tree trains, one is N-scale with an 1880’s era steam loco and three passenger cars. We have some N-scale foam tunnels that help keep the branches off the track.The other tree-train is toy-like, a little larger than HO, but does run on a DC transformer. Both have a circle of track mounted on a frame to the tree trunk.On the floor we’ll have a G-Gauge Christmas train with Santa sticking up out of the locomotive’s cab and elves on the cars. The track runs around the tree, narrows to parallel lines under the coffee table, and then makes a loop in front of the fireplace. We’ll park the train under the coffee table when we’re not running it. This is an expansion of what we’ve done before and we’re talking about a siding under the coffee table where we can park a more realistic passenger train and then alternate which of the two trains we run.The G-scale track plan is complicated enough and has tight clearances to make the S-curves fit so we’ll mock it up on the computer first using the 3rd PlanIt Model Railroad CAD software (

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I do. I have a layout I run year round but always put something under the tree. The past few years this has been a G scale Aristocraft “Lil Eggliner” that looks like an oval Christmas package.

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