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Sunday, May 19th, 2013

When I see those architectural models in office hallways of their own buildings and grounds, what is used to make those models? There are buildings, grass, trees, etc. What is generally used for these? Clay? paper? wood? cardboard? foam board? styrofoam? And how about the grass and trees? Where can one learn how to build these sorts of things? I have come up with no luck on the internet, it seems to be some sort of unspoken subject that you only learn in architectural school…

For the structures, you’re talking about something often called “paper modeling.” Paper modeling includes all kinds of “papers” though, from regular paper, to cardstock, to foam core board and plastic board, and even balsa wood and plastic, molded plaster sheets, etc. Here are some terms you might want to Google:scale modelarchitectural modelarchitectural paper modelcard modelingbuilding modelmaquetteOne common type of “paper modeling” is creating *colored* building models, etc., often using pre-printed cardstock. These are often used by miniaturists of various kinds as well as those who just enjoy making paper models.The type you’re wanting though I think results in a mostly-white model, and those often use plain white cardstock or foam-core board, etc. Usually white glues are used to hold the parts together but other things could be used too, and the pieces are cut with an Xacto knife on a “self-healing mat.”I had a friend who learned to do this in community college so you might want to check a place like that too, though I don’t know if it was an “art” class or not.For the grass and trees though, you’ll want to check out model railroad and other “miniature” information and lessons in books and on websites.Buildings, and whole scenes (landscaping, trees, etc.) too, can be created from all kinds of materials though –like “clays” (e.g., polymer clays, paper clays, epoxy clays, etc.), or tthey can be created from materials like shaped polystyrene foam, papier mache, metal or even aluminum foil, nature materials, or just scraps of things from around the house, etc. All depends on what you have, and what you want to get as an end product.Here are some pages at my site too that you might be interested in… they deal mostly with using polymer clay to make all structures, landscaping, etc., but there will be links and ideas there that could be helpful for using other materials too:, and have fun,Diane B.

Try googling miniatures/architect and see what you find.

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