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Sunday, January 27th, 2013

My kid is nuts about playing with his wooden track and creating new layouts to the degree that he is more interested in making new layouts than in actually playing with the trains themselves.What are the best, least expensive sources for wooden toy train track compatible with Thomas the Tank Engine/Brio standard wooden Gauge?Also, is there any place to get PDF files of plans using these standard track pieces as he enjoys trying to follow these too.Are there any router or woodworking plans for making this stuff?I know. More than one question. The happiness of a 3-year-old depends on your answers.I know, not a typo. 3.

Costco has a set that they put out each fall…is about 100 bucks for the tracks, trains, buildings, and accessories. Toys R Us sells a knock off brand (Imaginarium) that is very cheap too…3 engines in a pack for about 10 bucks. I’ve bought some pieces from e-bay & craig’s list that are in good shape too.

I know that if you look at the thrift store there is sometimes alot of track.thats where i went to get my brothers train track.i got over 30 peices of tracks for under 10$

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