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Saturday, June 15th, 2013

I am currently trying to decide if I want to buy the geotrax for my son. The Thomas trains have different tracks for their trains and I was wondering if the train and the cars for geotrax all use the same track or do they, like Thomas, have different tracks? That is the only reason I am considering the geotrax because I thought it would be cool to have trains & cars using the same track.

We have lots of geotrax train track as well as the newer Disney Cars cars and black track. All fit together, the trains work on both tracks and the cars work on both tracks. The Geotrax line in general is very well made and is very sturdy. The only downside is there is no Thomas:(. But the short answer to your question is they work together and our layout is typically a mis-mash of track.The Take Along Thomas is cheap but flimsy and you have to have a flat surface to build on (not carpet). We have a binful and I wish I had never bought any of it. Maybe a couple of inexpensive engines for taking along places when you need a toy to keep a kid busy. The track stinks.The wooden Thomas is expensive, especially for the Thomas branded stuff. Most of our wooden track is “generic” – it all fits together. Then our $$ is spent on the “real” engines. Not hard to put together but you find yourself having sections that just-don’t-quite-fit. And unless you glue the track to your train table it is pretty unsteady once you try to use risers or ramps. Very hard for a preschooler to navigate without knocking it down. Best to keep it flatland. Also not for thick plush carpet. Trackmaster is cheap but much flimsier than Geotrax. The upside of it is that they’ve got Thomas, and Thomas is battery powered. A real plus. Yeah, kids should be able to kid-power their trains but many prefer the “ones that go”. For the record, Trackmaster Thomas will NOT ride on Geotrax track (just a smidge too wide and can’t make the curves.I really like Geotrax. One caveat is that it takes up a LOT of room, especially if you buy stuff with buildings. We keep ours in big rubbermaid bins and set up on the floor.

I guess you could say they do.

No , i think no

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